Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moshi & my “new” gold cell phone

The next morning we woke up at 4am with the call to prayer. Jamie and I were both trying to sleep, but when the singer went terribly off key and his voice cracked over the megaphone it was all we could do to contain our laughter. We wondered aloud do they even require that you can sing or offer any kind of lessons before you can sing into this megaphone that is broadcast across the entire town? As his belted it out louder hoping it would help him hit the ascending notes we got our answer. No you do not have to know how to sing in order to lead the call to prayer! We spent the day walking around the town enjoying the cooler mountain air and arranging out Safari for the next few days. Originally scheduled to spend the following days after the Safari shooting for an NGO we got an email the plan had changed. So we decided to make the best of our location and head to some National Parks. Before we left town I had to purchase a used Gold Nokia cell phone (old school) to replace my sciphone whose screen is shattered beyond repair during the bus ride. So now I am local. I have a Tanzanian phone number and I am rocking a gold phone if anyone wants to call my new number is 0764656744 (you will need to add the country code of Tanzania).

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