Monday, October 26, 2009

Day of Action - 350 - Huffington Post

On Saturday people around the world came together in a global day of action to call on global leaders to finding working solution to combat climate change. The main organizing group for this global action is (visit their site to learn more). Here in Santa Barbara I teamed up the the Environmental Affairs Board at UCSB to photograph their paddle out. The initial plan was for a group of approximately 50 people kayak out to platform Holly (one of the oil rigs off of our coastline) and hold up their signs. Once the kayakers were in position, I was going to take ariel photos from an airplane (of course we they were also planning to offset the carbon emissions resulting from the plane ride). However, a huge fog bank with about five feet of visibility changed our plan dramatically and left me stranded on the shore. Below are some of the images we captured when they finally made it back to the beach. Check out the image in the Huffington Post!

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